$2 million granted to Michigan’s specialty crop sector


$2 million granted to Michigan’s specialty crop sector

Nearly $2 million has been awarded to Michigan’s specialty crop industry to better market products and improve growing systems.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture received the largest of the 20 grants through USDA’s Specialty Crop Block Grant Program and will use more than $160,000 to improve international and domestic marketing of specialty crops.

The Michigan Bean Commission received two separate grants totaling more than $200,000 for improved marketing and fertilizer use.

Grants of $125,000 were awarded to the Cherry Marketing Institute, Michigan Apple Committee, Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board, and Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office.

Additional funding up to $100,000 was granted to the Hop Growers of Michigan, Michigan Blueberry Commission, Michigan Celery Research Inc., Michigan Christmas Tree Association, Michigan Grape Society, Michigan Greenhouse Growers Council, Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association, Michigan Potato Industry Commission, Michigan State Horticultural Society, Michigan Vegetable Council, National Grape Cooperative, and Southwest Michigan Wine Trail.