Parts of Missouri seeing increased drought conditions


Parts of Missouri seeing increased drought conditions

University of Missouri climatologist says drought conditions continue to be an
issue in the state.

Guinan tells Brownfield rainfall has been scattered this growing season.

we look at systems, it’s been very scattered in nature,” he said. “It’s an issue
of the haves and the have nots.”

Guinan said parts of southern Missouri have received less than a half inch of rain in the last month, negatively impacting crops…

corn leaves are rolling, the soybean growth is really slowing down, pastures
are burned up,” he said.

Guinan said relief might be on its way.

are some indications, hopefully of a cooling trend,” he said. “There is an
indication of a cold front moving in from the north and perhaps triggering some
more showers and thunderstorms.”

But he said the if the showers come, they will likely be in the northern half of the state.

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